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adherent adj : sticking fast n : someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another [syn: disciple]

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  1. adhesive, that sticks to something
  2. that has the quality of clinging or sticking fast to something


  • German: klebend, anhaftend
  • Hungarian: ragadós
that has the quality of clinging
  • German: anhängend


  1. A person who has membership in some group, association or religion.


a person who has membership in some group
  • Czech: příznivec (to a principle or rule)
  • Croatian: adherent, sljedbenik, pristaša
  • French: adhérent
  • German: Mitglied, Anhänger
  • Hungarian: tag, követő
  • Interlingua: adherente
  • Italian: aderente
  • Spanish: adherente



  1. adherent



Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Averroist, Berkeleian, Cartesian, Comtist, Cynic, Cyrenaic, Eleatic, Epicurean, Eretrian, Fichtean, Hegelian, Heideggerian, Heraclitean, Herbartian, Humist, Husserlian, Kantian, Kierkegaardian, Leibnizian, Marxist, Megarian, Neo-Hegelian, Neo-Pythagorean, Neoplatonist, Parmenidean, Peripatetic, Platonist, Pyrrhonist, Pythagorean, Sartrian, Scholastic, Scotist, Socratist, Sophist, Spencerian, Spinozist, Stoic, Thomist, Wittgensteinian, adhesive, agnostic, animist, appendage, applauder, appreciator, attendant, backer, barnacle, booster, bramble, brier, buff, bulldog, burr, cavaliere servente, cement, champion, claqueur, cohort, commender, cosmotheist, courtier, creature, dangler, decal, decalcomania, deist, dependent, dialectical materialist, disciple, dualist, dummy, eclectic, egoist, empiricist, encomiast, essentialist, eulogist, eulogizer, existentialist, extoller, fan, figurehead, flunky, follower, following, gillie, glue, goon, gunk, hanger-on, hedonist, heeler, henchman, homme de cour, humanist, hylomorphist, hylotheist, hylozoist, idealist, immaterialist, individualist, intuitionist, jackal, lackey, lauder, leech, limpet, logical empiricist, man, materialist, mechanist, mentalist, minion, molasses, monist, mucilage, myrmidon, mystic, naturalist, nominalist, ontologist, organic mechanist, organicist, panegyrist, panpsychist, pantheist, parasite, partisan, paste, physicist, plaster, plugger, positivist, pragmatist, praiser, prickle, promoter, psychist, public, puffer, puppet, pursuer, pursuivant, rationalist, realist, remora, retainer, rooter, satellite, sectary, secular humanist, sensationalist, sensist, servant, shadow, skeptic, sticker, stooge, substantialist, successor, supporter, sycophant, syncretist, syrup, tagtail, tail, theist, thorn, thug, tout, touter, trainbearer, transcendentalist, upholder, utilitarian, vitalist, voluntarist, votary, ward heeler, zetetic
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